YHT SKILLS Activities & Tools 

​ Speak Up

 A fun interactive tool for building self-advocacy  skills created by National Clearinghouse on 

 Families and Youth


 Working With Your Doctor

 A tip sheet for working with your doctor - from the  Illinois chapter of the American Academy of  Pediatrics.  It even  includes a practice script for  making an  appointment

 Getting the 'Right' Health Info

 Quick check tips for online health sites            

 Take Charge of Your Health

A teen transition workbook with great info on health  and nutrition​ from the National Institutes of  Health


 Reading Medicine Labels

 Take medicine take safely. Learn where to  find  the instructions on how to take your prescription  and  over- the-counter medicines - from the U.S.  Department of  Health and Human Services

 Got Transition Medical Summary Worksheet

 A printable medical summary worksheet.  A great  tool to organize your health history

AAP Emergency Medical Form 

​ A medical summary worksheet that can be  completed electronically on your computer and  saved to electronic devices. Another great tool to  organize your health  history.

Youth health transition

Your health is

your future!

Self-advocacy is the ability to share your likes, dislikes, ideas and goals with others. Some people refer to self-advocacy as speaking up for yourself. 

Learning to talk about your ideas or share your point of view is what self-advocacy is all about! Click here for more info on Self Advocacy including skill building ideas. 

What's a health history?

Your health or medical history is a summary of your overall health and healthcare experiences- pretty much since you were born. 

A health summary includes surgeries you may have had; information about health conditions like asthma or diabetes; your immunizations (like measles and flu shots) and any allergies you have.  

Whenever you visit a new doctor, they will ask about your health history.  

​Check out the medical summary form in the YHT Activities sidebar. This is a good way to review your health history and get ready for the transition to adult doctors.  It is also good practice for filling out medical forms. 

If you are not sure how to get started, get a parent or guardian to give you a hand.  


​​YHT Skills

  • Take Care of You

  • Self Advocacy

  • Wellness
  • What's a Health History?


Being well or healthy means you work at keeping your body in shape and feeling good.  Think of it like body maintenance. Things like eating right, thinking positive, getting enough sleep, being active, getting a flu shot are parts of the maintenance program.  

How you take care of you, makes a difference. If you have a special health condition, you need to know what it is and how to explain it to others.  If  you take medicine, you need to know what you take, when and why and how to take it safely.  

The links and workbooks on the SmoothMovesYHT site will help you do just that!

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Youth Health Transition-Teen Health & Transition info


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Take care of you

Do your parents take care of the management of your healthcare?  Things like filling prescriptions, making appointments, and talking to health care providers.  If you are not already managing these things, it is time to get started.   

If you have a special health need it is important to know things like your health red flags (when you need to call a doctor or go to a hospital). ​  This is what YHT planning is about: learning the things you need to know to ensure a healthy adulthood.  

​Use the tools you have!  ​ If you have a smartphone or tablet, check out health apps designed to help people manage their  health - many are free.  There are medicine trackers, nutrition and exercise apps and a calendar to track appointments.  There are apps for just about everything, including youth health transtion.  

Check out the tools and workbooks linked to the SmoothMovesYHT website.  There is no time like the present to get started....

​​    YHT Mini Activity:   Put your health providers contact info in your wallet or phone
                                        Keep an ICE contact - ICase of Emergency in your phone or wallet
                                        Learn your health red flags - know when to seek medical help