Transition planning is not only about taking charge of your health. It is also about planning for your future.  It is about making your dreams real.

Setting your goals and putting a plan in action can get you started on the path to the future you want. 

YHT Mini Activity:  

Start with something as simple as your top 10 list.  What are 10 things that you want for your future?

  • Where do you want to live and with whom? House, apartment?

  • Transportation. How do you plan to get around? 

  • Do you have a hobby in mind?

  • Want to have a pet?

  • Do you want a job? Doing what?

  • What will you do for fun?

are you ready? 

set your goals! 

Youth Health Transition-Teen Health & Transition info

  Envisioning My Future:  A Young Person's Guide to Health Care Transition. 2005, Children's Medical Services-Florida Department of Health. 

  Supporting the Healthcare Transition from Adolescence to  Adulthood in the Medical Home. 2011, American Academy of Pediatrics. 
  Best Practices in Managing Transition to Adulthood for Adolescents With Congenital Heart Disease. 2011, American Heart Association.
  Six Elements of Transition.  GOTTRANSITION.ORG

Remember, you have to have an idea of where you want to go in order to get there! 

YHT Plans 

  • Create Your Transition Plan

  • Are You Ready?  Explore Readiness Assessments

  • What's Your Interest?  

  • Set Your Goals

​​Transition plans include tossing around ideas for life after high school. It is all about your interests, your choices, and your future! 

Transition is the time to get ready for the grown-up life you want.  It is the time to get to know yourself.  An interest inventory is a tool (another list of questions) that helps you to explore your likes and interests. 

The READY TO GET READY sidebar includes links to online interest inventories. You can start exploring with the click of a mouse! There is also a printable worksheet link if you prefer pen and paper.

What's your interest?

create your Transition plan

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Readiness checklists or assessments are planning tools for transition.  It is just a list of questions about taking care of you and your health care. 

A readiness checklist lets you know the skills you may need to work on to get ready for a healthy independence.  It takes just a few minutes to see how ready you are.  Check out one of the readiness checklist in the sidebar.  

A transition plan is just a to-do list.   It keeps track of the things you need to do in order to get moving towards taking care of you and preparing for independence.

A transition plan starts with identifying the skills you need for independence.  Check out the sidebar links to YHT planning workbooks and tools. 

YHT is all about preparing to take  charge of your health and your future.  For step-by-step transition planning tips go to the how-to transition page. Click on the blue link for the Transition Plan How-To page.

Transition Planning



 Readiness Checklists

Transition Readiness Assessment Questionnaire (TRAQ)
 TRAQ is a tested (experts checked it) transition        questionnaire that measures readiness for YHT

Getting Ready for Transition 

 YHT info sheet which includes a readiness  assessment  and transition planning worksheet 


  Interest Inventory Activities

 Interest Inventory Worksheet: When I Grow Up

 A great interest inventory from the South Dakota Career  Wonders program - just print and start exploring

 My Next Move: Interest Inventory

 Interactive interest profiler sponsored by the  US Department of Labor

 Science and Health Games

 Science Careers and Health Topic Exploration          sponsored by Rice University. CSI, Reconstructors and    more--fun and learning all rolled in one.

​ YHT Workbooks& Worksheets

 The Workbook for Youth

 Excellent workbook from the Waisman Center in  Wisconsin. Covers a wide range of YHT topics including  health management skills and oral health.  

 Transition from High School to Adult Life 

 Step by step workbook for planning the transition from  high  school to adulthood developed by the Rural Institute  at the  University of Montana. 

 Transition Plan How-to

​ How to start your transition, easy step by step instructions.  A tool  created  just for SmoothMovesYHT