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Be smart about health info on the web!

Make sure online health advice comes from a trusted source. 

Remember not everything you read or hear is true. (Duh) 

On the world wide web anyone can post a health information site.  It is important to check the source carefully. 

Website quick check:

  • Check the 'About Us' page to see who sponsors or hosts the site

  • Are they qualified health professionals or organizations

  • Why is the information posted

  • Does the site list authoritative references 

  • Are they trying to sell you something (be wary) 

Remember, your best resource for questions about your health is your personal health care provider!

If you read something on the web you are not sure about it is always a good idea to pass it by someone on your health team. 

For more info on Evaluating Health Information, click the blue link to go to the US National of Library of Medicine resources.

A few go-to expert and trusted online health resources include: TeensHealth sponsored by the Nemours' Foundation, Medline Plus Teen Health from the US Library of Medicine US Department of Health and Human Services (DHH) and which is also sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Women's Health.