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Do you want a driver’s license in the future?  Or are buses and streetcars more your idea of safe travel? Maybe you already drive and this isn't a big deal for you – you can move on to other topics! 

​For those who haven't figured out your future transportation needs, this should be part of your YHT Plan.  Transportation can be important to your independence.  

'My Must Have Papers' worksheet includes info on what is required to get a license in Louisiana.  For youth in other states, check your Office of Motor Vehicles website for license requirements.  

If you want to drive and will need special equipment to make that possible, it is important to plan early. Assistive devices can be expensive and it may take a while to find a way to pay for it.  Louisiana residents can contact Louisiana Rehab Services (LRS), to see if they qualify for assistance. 

Planning for your future transportation needs can help smooth the move to adulthood. YHT is the time to explore how to get where you want to go...


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 Six Core Elements of Transition.

Youth in Louisiana have many options for training or education after high school. If traditional college does not sound like a good fit, there are Technical Colleges throughout Louisiana that have open enrollment.  That means you don't have to meet special requirements to get in.  

​For youth outside of Louisiana check your state listing for vocational-technical colleges and vocational rehab services. 

Louisiana Community and Technical Colleges offer training in a variety of programs.  Technical colleges offer courses in welding and plumbing, highway engineering and even helicopter pilot certifications.  There are many, many programs to explore, things you probably haven't even thought of.  

If you have a disability,  you may be eligible for Louisiana Rehab Services (LRS). LRS helps persons that have a disability obtain or maintain a job

AFter high school



 Career Wonders Interest Survey/Career Exploration  

 Interest inventory survey.  Easy to use directions.  Print the worksheets and get  started exploring  your  interest- created by the South  Dakota  Department of Labor

 What's the Big Deal About Career Planning?
 Fun quiz to get you thinking about career planning  from South Dakota Department of Labor


 When You're 18 You Are In Charge of Your Health

 A comprehensive transition workbook from              FloridaHats YHT program. The book covers  many of  the changes that happen when you turn  18. Topics include: legal rights, insurance, talking  to doctors, filling prescriptions  and  more....

 Planning for Your Transition From High School to Adult Life

 Step by step workbook for planning the transition  from high school to adulthood developed by the  Rural Institute at the University of Montana. 

 Louisiana Rehab Services (LRS)

 LRS helps persons with a disability who want to  get job. LRS provides job training, job counseling,  assistive technology and much more.  LRS is a  program of the LA Workforce Commission. 


 Louisiana's Community & Technical Colleges System

 Offers a variety of education opportunities  including: helicopter pilot certification, welding,  cyber security and more. Hundreds of  programs  are available with diploma options, associate  degree tracks, and technical  certifications.

  My Must Have Papers
 A great tip sheet on how to locate, file and  manage your  personal documents like your social  security card, ID or passport and health records.  Adapted from the Northeast Massachusetts  Community of Practice (Worcester, MA) tool.

 Applying for a Job

A great tool to help you get ready for a job hunt.  

The guide includes a sample job application. Helps you gather the information needed for a job application and get practice filling out the forms. The Young Adults Guide was developed by the Northeast Massachusetts Community of Practice. 


health insurance

AGE 18

  • Adulthood - Rights and Responsibilities

  • Envision Your Future 

  • ​After High School

  • Transportation

  • Health Insurance

Have you ever sat down and really thought about what you want your future to look like?  Envisioning your future simply means thinking about your future dreams.

​Envisioning your future is taking that time to toss around your ideas or goals for your adult life.  Not just education or job goals, but things like hobbies, travel, and relationships. 

YHT is a time to explore how to get where you want to go and how to get there.

YHT Mini Activity: Start with 1 - expand your horizons (try something new)

                                 Pick 1 new thing to try each month

​                                 Only one rule - it has to be a some thing new

Learn to cook your favorite food, go to a play, read a book, play a new game, join a club, try a new food, volunteer...  It's your choice, try one new thing a month - there are great you-tube videos for learning most anything.                  

Health insurance may not be something you are thinking about right now, but it is something to keep in mind.  Health insurance helps to pay for your health care services like doctor visits, medications or medical supplies.  

Whether or not you have a special health need, going to the doctor for wellness check-ups and keeping immunizations like your flu shots up to date are very important to a healthy adulthood.  Wellness checks are usually paid for under health insurance plans.

It is important to keep health insurance on your radar because some plans change after age 18.  For info on managing your Health Insurance and new health insurance options in Louisiana click here

Envision Your Future

Youth Health Transition-Teen Health & Transition info



Adulthood-Rights and Responsibilities

​​Becoming an adult comes with new rights and responsibilities and it's important to know what they are!  The Louisiana State Bar Association webpage Becoming an Adult: Legal Rights in Louisiana is your key to the right information. It is a great one-stop-shop for legal info on driving, voting, military service, jury duty, alcohol laws, housing laws, employment laws and more. If you don't live in Louisiana, go to your state's bar association website for additional resources specific to your state.