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Youth Health Transition-Teen Health & Transition info

​YHT is the time:

  • to prepare for independence 
  • to take an active role in your health
  • to develop healthy lifestyle habits
  • to envision the future you want
  • to set a plan in motion to achieve your goals

YHT is a normal part of growing up.  It​ is a time for you to start managing your health.    

In the adult world you will be expected to take responsibility for taking care of you and your healthcare.  

SmoothMovesYHT can help you raise your health IQ and jump start your transition plan!  

Use SmoothMovesYHT as your own personal wellness coach.

​The goal of SmoothMovesYHT is to help you shift smoothly to independence and a healthy adulthood.

There’s no time like the present to get started…

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YHT - Youth Health Transition 



​​Welcome to the SmoothMovesYHT website!  We are glad you dropped by!


SmoothMovesYHT is a teen website with activities and tools to help you build the skills needed for independence. 


  • Do you have ideas about what you want your future to look like?            SmoothMovesYHT has planning tools to help make it happen.  

  • Do you want to find out what sort of things you are good at?                  SmoothMovesYHT has activities to help you uncover your talents!  


  • Curious about how to take the lead with your health?                                 SmoothMovesYHT has lots of health-smart info. can get you started on planning for the future you want!



SmoothMovesYHT is a health information site created to help teens navigate the move to adulthood. 

YHT stands for youth health transition.  

YHT is important for all youth!  That includes youth with and without a special health care need or disability. 

​If you are age 14-17, this site is created just for you!

The site offers up-to-date info and links to tools which can help you get ready for a smooth transition to adulthood. 

There are skill building activities and even games!

Check out this sidebar area (right here) on each page and look for the blue links throughout SmoothMovesYHT for links to great websites, work-pages, games and activities.

​​SmoothMovesYHT is a tool to help you set goals for the future YOU want!!